You don’t have to have depression or anxiety to benefit from my video series. I’m not fussy, I’ll take anybody! The methods and techniques within can benefit anybody who is feeling lost, or might be struggling to find direction, motivate themselves, or want to control worrying and over-thinking. You might be looking for guidance in how to tackle fear, or perhaps you just might not like yourself very much, but don’t know how or what to change.

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Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Like many poor souls, I’ve lived with these terrible diseases for many years. I’ve been there. I’ve lived in the darkness, I’ve felt suffocated by despair and paralysed by terror. For example, I know what it’s like to:

  1. Be fearful all the time about things that might go wrong, and always imagine and expect the very worst-case scenario. 
  2. Feel like you’re a disappointment to your loved ones, thinking you’ve let them down by being a failure.
  3. Feel constantly irritable, impatient, have a quick temper  OR  become tearful for no apparent reason.
  4. Have a white-hot burning hatred for yourself, believing you deserve any bad things that happen to you.
  5. Have your mind racing all the time, which leads to headaches, exhaustion, and the inability to relax and sleep. Chances are, that’s why you’re watching this in the middle of the night, and is so, I shall help you by boring you to sleep.
  6. Have difficulty concentrating, because you’re constantly being poked, jabbed and stabbed by negative thoughts.
  7. Find no pleasure or interest in anything, even neglecting things you enjoy. 
  8. Constantly feel like all hope is lost, and there’s no point even trying anymore.

I found no silver lining with depression and anxiety, because these illnesses lay siege to your mind, meaning nothing from the outside world can reach you. Looking at depression and anxiety in more detail, here is how each of these antagonists might affect you:


Having difficulty concentrating, remembering things and making decisions

Being preoccupied with negative thoughts

Constant feeling that there is no hope

Having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself

Blaming yourself or feeling unnecessarily guilty about things

Lacking self-confidence and self-esteem, feeling inadequate and worthless

Feeling like you are a disappointment to friends and family

Self-hatred, poor self-image

Feeling lost, empty and helpless

Feeling tearful

Feeling irritable, impatient and intolerant of others

Having little motivation or interest in things

Getting no pleasure out of life

Feeling anxious or worried, restless and agitated

Feeling isolated or unable to relate to others

Distancing yourself from others, and not asking for support

Neglecting your hobbies and interests


Worrying most of the time about all the things that could go wrong

Predicting the worst-case scenario in most situations

Mind racing all the time, which can also lead to headaches and light-headedness 

Being unable to sit still

Feeling on edge, jittery and restless

Regularly feeling like something terrible is about to happen

Easily irritated, a ‘short fuse’

Panic attacks or feelings of terror

Overestimating perceived danger

Underestimating your ability to cope

Fear of social situations, as you feel judged and evaluated negatively

Physical tension, aching muscles

Sweating, blushing, dry mouth

Indigestion, nausea

Increased need to go to the toilet

Palpitations and high blood pressure


Chest pain, shortness of breath

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