My Story

My name is Daniel Trigger, I am based in the United Kingdom. I have lived in the grip of depression and anxiety for many years, and although I had been fighting those illnesses for a long time, I’m now very pleased to say I have finally recovered and made it out of that Pit Of Despair. This was made possible by a variety of counselling courses; one-to-one, group, hypnotherapy and CBT on-line, plus also a huge amount of effort, commitment and determination. Mine is a sad story, but also one that affects many others every day, and I am very fortunate to have made it through the eye of the storm.

One interesting aspect to my story is, to my friends and family, I was perhaps the person least expected to be affected by depression and anxiety. This is because for the last three decades, I have also been a hard rock singer. As you can imagine, this has seen me become a larger-than-life, confident and charismatic character, often commanding huge audiences. I would suggest that playing that role is pretty much the opposite end of the curve to anxiety and depression.

Briefly, although I have been an anxious soul since childhood and come from a long family line of worriers, my troubles really escalated when I damaged my singing voice at the age of nineteen. On the exact day of my nineteenth birthday (1st March 1993), I was diagnosed with a deformed larynx brought about by poor singing technique, and had to stop singing and even minimise speaking while undergoing speech therapy over many months. After this, I then put myself through singing lessons for four years, meaning that overall, my road to recovery took a long, long time.

Although my physical scars eventually healed, and I went on to sing better than ever, the mental duress this trauma caused me stayed with me for decades. After virtually losing the one thing that defined me and brought me happiness, I plunged into depression, and also developed performance anxiety through fear of any more damage occurring to my voice. This is far from ideal when being a rock singer.

I carried depression and anxiety with me like a gloomy black cloud for years, and finally used my Covid lockdown time to rise up against them, apply the techniques I learned in therapy and from books, and defeat my oppressors to take my life back. The transformation has been staggering, and my quality of life has greatly improved. Perhaps best of all is that nothing I did is particularly difficult or complicated, practically anybody can achieve the same through focus, willpower and perseverance.

As part of my recovery, I set myself new goals, which include helping others, and putting something good back into the world. Oddly, after intensively learning about the inner workings of the mind, I have developed a fascination with mental illness, and sincerely wish to help anyone held in it’s grip. The result of these new ambitions and interests are Wreck To Rockstar.