Follow my journey out of depression and anxiety, in the hope that my experience can be of help to others. Remember that your mind ultimately belongs to you. It’s yours. You control it. You’re the boss.
From Wreck To Rockstar.

Welcome To Wreck To Rockstar

This channel describes my journey out of depression and anxiety, and is designed to offer what I learned from my own experience for the benefit of others. It follows my story of conquering fear and self-doubt, while building self-esteem and developing confidence, to ultimately find purpose, direction and happiness. As the series progresses, I will describe all the methods, techniques, tips and tricks that proved effective in my own battle, so that anyone facing similar challenges can consider them too. The videos in this channel will sometimes be heavy, but are also designed to be fun and even funny, since laughter and humour are one of the perfect antidotes to low mood and depression.

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Why did I start Wreck To Rockstar?

The purpose of Wreck To Rockstar is to offer support and guidance to those challenged by depression and anxiety, while explaining the methods and techniques I successfully applied to defeat these illnesses, escape the darkness that held me prisoner, and ultimately find confidence, purpose and happiness.

Using my experiences to support you in your journey

If you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of support, please follow my journey to identify tools and techniques to help you. Don’t forget support is always available! Please see links to supporting charities below.

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